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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Journey to Texas

Have you ever been in a situation when it seems that you are in a dream? That was me in March 2009.

For about 6 months I was part of Toasmasters International. For those who do not know Toastmasters, it is a club that trains people to speak in public. Public speaking has been one of my passions lately and I felt I could do it as a profession (I used to be shy but now I'm not).

Being part of the club, I received their monthly magazine. I must admit that I rarely read it (procrastination maybe, but I'm getting over it). But one day, while flipping through it, I noticed that there was a company offerring special training to people who would like to become professional public speakers (and I was one of them). Before you knew it, I was on their website. On the main page was a video of one of the top speakers in the world (that is my opinion, but it is so because the world does not know of me as yet lol). This guy said that he had received this training , and that was enough for me. On the website, there were hundreds of well known speakers who went through the same training. I knew I had to do it. No. I was born to do it. That is how I felt !

I completed the form on the website without even knowing what I was doing (and why). Thirty minutes later I received a call from one of the top trainers of the company. I could not believe it. These people were so fast. He told me he had read, and was impressed by, my profile. (you would be impressed too). He highly recommended the training. That was in the month of January and the next one would be in March. I was pumped until he quoted me the price. I almost choked when I heard it. How in the world was I going to come up with that kind of money? I understood why they were successful. For that kind of money they must be giving some good stuff.

I found myself saying to the guy: “Yeah, I will certainly be there. You can write my name in ”. After I hung up the phone, I was like “what have I just done!!!!” I had to come up with the money. My first reaction was this: if I have to go to Dallas Texas (that is where the training facility was located ), what should be my first step? I thought I could ask for some time off at work. And that is what I did. I asked for the entire month of March off. So, now, I had no excuse. I had the time to do it and I had the..., no I did not have the money.

During that time,I was listening to an audio by the same speaker I told you about (the one who was on the website). In his teaching, he was saying “see yourself already in possession of the thing desired and you will have it”. So I started seeing myself in Dallas Texas. I mean, I could see the buildings, the airport, the friends I would meet there, the special training I would receive, the Sun (yeah, it was during the Canadian winter and I knew Texas would be sunny). All of a sudden, I started feeling like the money was there. I could see it. I could see myself buying the plane ticket and flying to Dallas.

One day, as I was picking up my mail, I saw a brown envelop. I did not know what it was. I opened it and noticed that it was from a bank. It was a bank statement. This statement reminded me that I had been putting money away for years; something I had forgot about. Needless to say I realized that I had money available. This reminded me of what the speaker had said on the audio ....he said that when we keep visualizing what we want, we will get “a message” asking us to take action. The message could be of any sort. It could be something you hear on the radio, something you read on billboard, or mail you receive. For me, it was the mail.

So I took action and withdrew the money from the bank. I flew to Dallas and saw the buildings, the airport, the friends, the special training and the Sun just the way I “saw” them before while visualizing. .....who would have thought! What about the training, you may ask. It was beyond what I had imagined. Stay tuned to your local channels you may see me speaking in public in the near future.

Moral of the story? Do you want to go to Texas? Have a dream of speaking in public and you will receive a call saying that your profile is impressive.

Always a pleasure


The Journeyman.

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  1. Thanks for another great and inspiring story Patrick!

    Goes to show that if you are meant to be somewhere that money is never a barrier. The universe will provide when you stay focused on your goal.