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Monday, February 22, 2010

My Journey to the Ultimate Dream

The last few days have been full of surprises. Some good, some others not so good. That is the beauty of life. It is unpredictable. Whenever I am in a place where I think I have it all figured out, life has a way of putting me right in my place if you know what I mean. Now, all I have to do is enjoy the ride and be just an observer of what is happening (I think I missed my career. I should have been a philosopher, what do you think?)

As far as I can remember, I have always had big dreams. I remember when I was coaching Basketball, I used to tell my players that I would bring them to play in the Olympics one day. At that time our team was so poor that we had one uniform (we were praying not to have two games back to back otherwise we would play with no uniform). We used to go to the games so early because we relied on rides from strangers on the street (as you can see, we were ready to go to the Olympics lol).But I am glad I had those dreams because along the way I accomplished things that I thought were impossible (I should be in the adidas advertisements).

Since last year, I have been subscribing to a Tony Robbins` program. Each month, I receive from him a DVD, a CD and a workbook. Tony started a series of interviews in which he talks with business people who have made it big (I think I am the next one on the show, I am just waiting for his invitation). The testimonies are great. The last guy on the show made $1 million in 24 hours. I couldn't believe it when I heard it. And he is in his thirties (that gave me hope because I am still in my twenties lol).

After watching a couple of interviews, I started noticing some trends. All of these people have a struggle-victory story. In addition, after they have made all the money they want, they found out that it was not about the money (funny isn't it?). Instead, it is really about who you become along the way that matters. Another thing I learned was that for them to succeed, they had to put other people first. They add value to their customers. This is what Zig Ziggler meant when he said that “For you to get what you want, you just have to help other people get what they want” ( I am paraphrasing here). What a great concept!

I am really glad I am learning these things. I used to dream about getting a big car, a big house, a big wife (just kidding). Why are you laughing? That would be great too. But recently, I learned from a great teacher that all those things we want have the same purpose... What is that purpose you ask...well..It's to make us happy. I think he is right. Just ask yourself why you want the things that you want. You will find out that it is because you think that they will make you happy. That is what I call “The Ultimate Dream”. We just want to be happy.

I had a huge relief when I heard that. Because, I do not have to wait until I get those things I want for me to be happy. I can chose to be happy now regardless of what is happening and be thankful of what I have. Trust me on that one. Try it yourself and you will see how magical it is. The funny part is that when we chose to be happy in the moment, all those things that we were looking for come to us so easily (except for the big wife. I am still waiting lol).. I have never been this busy in my business (yes I have a business but I won't tell you what it is unless you insist). But all the work comes to me effortlessly. I am not bragging. On the contrary, I am humbled by this because I know from where it comes. And as Zig Ziggler said, for me to be happy, all I have to do is to make other people happy.

So if happiness is your ultimate dream, like it is mine, then starting today, find someone and make him/her happy.

Moral of the story? Do you want to realize all your big dreams? Just keep reading my blog and you will be happy.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

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  1. Wow, thanks for this blog entry Patrick!

    I was really inspired and it reminded me that the journey and adding value to other people's lives was the most important factors.

    You made my day Journeyman!