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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Journey to What Matters

This past week has been very interesting in many ways. First of all, I have never spent this amount of time on the phone (and not wanting to hang up). I know some of you have been in those moments, and those of you who can read between the lines will understand why lol

To tell you the truth, I don’t know where to start. Let me begin by this. I had a very interesting phone call yesterday morning from George from LifeSuccess Publishing. We had a 10 minutes conversation that got me so excited. It has been a while now since I have been receiving great feedback about my blog. I didn’t realize that so many people read it. I only began writing it for fun. Many people (including my mom) told me that I should write a book.

As I was browsing through the Internet, I came across a message from one of the top speakers in the world. He spoke about how he could help people to write and promote their own books. (coincidence? I don’t think so). He talked about a company called LifeSuccess Publishing; needless to say I went online to see what they did. A few weeks later, I found myself on the phone with George who explained to me how they could help. For those of you who are fans of the Journeyman Stories, stay tune. Starting from May 1st, 2010, I will be writing my first book (and thank you for the standing ovation).

That is not the only news of the week. On Thursday, I was part of the International Speech Contest at Toastmasters. Preparing my speech was initially difficult because I had little inspiration from which to draw. Then, I thought about a conversation I had this week with a lady who I am mentoring (part of the work I do). I remembered relating to her story about what she was going through because I had also experienced the very same things a couple years back. And this became the inspiration for my speech.

The Title of my speech was “Our Life Matters”. Yes it does. When we go through tough times, most of the time we do not understand why (and we do not care about the why, we just want to get out of it). But with time, we will see the big picture. If I did not go through the things I went through, I would not have been able to help this lady, or even write a blog which (I hope) is inspiring most of you.

Our life really matters. Next time you meet someone on the street remember that just your smile could change a thing or two in her/his life (provided that you have a great smile lol). A word of encouragement can make a day in the life of our fellows. A blog a week could result in a bestseller book and make you rich (I am talking about myself of course lol).

Moral of the story? Do you want your life to matter? Make sure you have a nice smile.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman.

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  1. Patrick,
    Keep it up, you really have the talent!