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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Journey to a Decision

As I am beginning a new week, I can't believe how quickly the last one went (and all the previous ones). Normally I write my blogs on Saturdays, but this time I only got a little time to write this Monday morning (please don't fire me).

I find it funny that when we are dealing with something, the entire world reminds us of exactly what we are dealing with. Just the other day, I went to the Toastmasters meeting and the theme was about having a break. I was like “please don't talk about it, I just need a break now”. This lead me to a deep reflection. “Why am I this busy?” This has been THE question that has been on my mind the last few days. I can't remember a time I was not busy, but THIS busy? Not a chance.

I made sure to take a break this week-end and to watch some Playoffs Basketball. Some trash talking with friends at Ngoma lounge did some good for me (free advertising for my friend Diego and a reminder to my friend Che that Orlando will go all the way to the Finals...)

Coming back to my Toastmaster ' s meeting, we were asked to speak about what we normally do to relax and have a break. My first reaction was “ I need some sleep man.” But, then the question came back: Why am I THIS busy?. Then, I went on stage, for about 1 minute and 49 seconds, I explained to the audience that my new way of relaxing is to say the word “NO”. You got it right. I need to say no to some commitments. This is the reason why I am this busy. I am the kind of guy who rarely says no to people (just tell me you will give me money, and you will see. I won't say no. This is a problem my friends..)

Don't get me wrong. It feels good to say yes to people. But when it comes to deliver and I realized that I have overbooked myself, I feel trapped and then comes the issue of integrity (and this is a big one). I learned a few weeks ago that without integrity nothing works. I couldn't agree more. If I say yes to something, I have to make sure that I do it. That is how I am.

To say that learning to say “no” is the only challenge would be an overstatement. I think there is something deeper than that. Why? You may ask..

This is why: I have learned over the years that whenever I make a decision to do something big, something I have never done before, something that is way outside my comfort zone, challenges always come right away. Don't ask me why, but that is how it is. These challenges are very good news for me. This is the proof that I am going in the right direction. It may seem silly, but challenges are good news. They are there to ask us if we really mean business, if we are really the kind of person who is made for the big game. And people who have overcome big challenges are people that we remember the most. Why is it that Nelson Mandela is loved by everybody? It's the result of 27 years of prison (that is my opinion)

My other opinion is that challenges are the door to the promise land. After we have dealt with them, the door is now open and we can see on the other side. Then come other challenges, sometimes bigger than the previous ones. However, now we know we can deal with them (isn't life beautiful?).

Yes, I have made a decision to make a push. And there is no turning back (Yes we can!). The challenge that came right away was being extremely busy. Am I really busy, or is it a sign that I have to let go of commitments that are not worth it (do I really have to stop watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Please don't ask me to. They are so funny). Am I busy, or do I have to rely on my calender to book my appointments? Am I so busy, or do I have to discipline myself and wake up earlier (and this is a big one, and I know I am not the only one).

These are the questions I have to respond to before saying that I can see the promise land.

Moral of the story? Whenever you say you are going to give me some money, I will say no (for a short period of time before saying yes.)

Always a pleasure


The Journeyman


  1. hi p!

    i like to think that everything i do is a choice i have made for myself. i try very very hard not to use the word busy if i can help it. to me if life is busy it means it's speeding by. it's happening to me and not for me and because i've designed it to be so.

    i wonder if you feel busy because you are doing a lot of things (mr.popular!) and not all of them are things you WANT to be doing...

    hope you get some sleep (it's glorious and so restorative for the body!)

    looking forward to hearing you speak tonight!


  2. You're so right Faiza. I didn't think it this way, but you're so right. Mr Popular? I don't think so lol
    See you this evening