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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Journey to the Unknown

Do you remember a while ago I wrote about my journey to Las Vegas? If you do not, then I won't get back to it because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (even in my blog lol)

I mention that story because, as I was celebrating Easter with my brother and my sister-in-law, what I had learned in Vegas was constantly on my mind. You will understand why as you keep on reading (this is my way of making you read my blog to the end).

As I was saying, I celebrated Easter with my brother and my sister-in-law (I said it again just in case you forgot). As I was listening to my sister-in-law jokes (she is so funny), my mind went back to the year 2000. My brother's dream was to immigrate to Canada. At that time I had no intentions of leaving my home country
( probably because I didn't want to leave my beautiful girlfriend at the time lol). My brother continually spoke about his dream. What's funny is that I was the first one to come to Canada even though it was my brother's dream.

The way he came to Canada is almost a Hollywood story. As I landed here in 2002, I kept in touch with him almost daily and continually told him of the many beautiful things about Canada (maybe I should be a salesman). This only increased his desire to fulfil his dream of living in this beautiful country. His first attempt was denied and needless to say he was very devastated. I tried my best to let him know that it wasn't over until he said it was (I learned that from watching Michael Jordan). He kept believing.

Some time later my brother received a job offer to be a University professor (talking about Mr. Big Shot) in the North of the country. He did not want to go there at all. It was away from home, there was no Internet connection (to keep in touch with me I guess), and it was away from his favourite bar (just kidding).

He decided to take it anyways, and was away every week-end and even longer in some cases.

My brother is a hard worker. Whenever he does something,it is never half way done (I just earned a free lunch from his wife lol).It was his hard work at the University that led to his promotion in less than a year.

Then, came an opportunity to go to study in Belgium. It was not his dream country but he took it anyways (did he have a choice?). I was so happy for him (also because I could call him with a one dollar phone card lol. Just kidding). While in Europe ,he learned that he could apply for Canadian immigration. Could that be true? Could his dream come true at last? Yes it did. He was accepted as an immigrant, and at the end of his studies in 2006, he finally came to Canada to meet his handsome, brilliant and amazing brother (I wonder who that one is...)

During his stay in Europe, something happened that changed his life forever (I have to wait a little bit and will get back to you when Jon Stewart is done with his jokes...).

Ok, here is the remainder of the story. Where was I again? Oh, Europe!!

My brother went to spend his summer vacations in England at my best friend's place. There he met a lady who made him not want to call me anymore. He was then busy calling her. The lady he met was the one I spent last Easter with: his wife and therefore my sister-in-law. Do you know what is the best part of the story? His wife was one of my former students when I was back home. Yes, I was her teacher. Can you believe that? No wonder the three of us always have fun when we're together.

I am sure that you are asking yourselves why I mentioned my trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of this story. Don't worry. I will tell you.

In Las Vegas, our trainer said that for us to achieve our goal it is about 100% intention and 0% method. In other words, our intention is what matters. How we get there is none of our business. Think about my brother's story. His intention was to go to Canada. He did not know that this intention would lead him to the North of the country (where he did not want to go) to be a professor (which allowed him to get his scholarship), then to Belgium (miles away from Canada, but where he was accepted as an immigrant to Canada), to England (where he met his future wife), and then to Toronto (where he joined his rich brother lol). If someone would have told him that this would be his path to Toronto, he would have not believed him or her.

We can decide how we want our future to be, but how to get there is always unknown.

Moral of the story? Do you want to join me in Canada, go to England and you will meet your future wife (or husband).

Always a pleasure


The Journeyman.

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  1. great way to illustrate the power of intention!