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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Journey back to New York City

Living in downtown Toronto is really something these days. I have never seen this many police officers in the city, ever. And they are everywhere.

At first I thought that me being a superstar had drawn the people’s attention and the city saw that I needed bodyguards (but not this many). I wanted to let them know I was about to leave the city for 3 days, but they were not open to conversation. So I had to let it go. Good thing I did not talk to them because as it turned out they were there for my friend Obama. He has a meeting with 19 of his fellows in what they call G20 (I know he’s going to miss me as I will be away).

So here I am, back to New York City again (I am about to leave in a few hours). The only question I have in my mind is this: Is New York as pumped as Toronto about the soccer World Cup? I witnessed the World Cup fever myself, today as the Netherlands won again (I am writing my blog on Thursday evening). Soccer fans were chanting and cheering everywhere in downtown Toronto. Would you say the fever has something to do with the earthquake that hit our city lately? We never know. It could be the power of the vuvuzelas.

A couple of things happened to me this week. On Tuesday, as I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine, I was also drinking a very tasty juice (yes, I am a master at multitasking). After I was done with the juice, I kept playing with the bottle stopper in my hands, and something caught my attention. At the bottom of the stopper, it read: “You will be traveling and coming into money”

Here I am two days before my trip to NYC, and I read this strange message. I thought: that would be nice.
Then I started to think. What would life be like if there was no limit at all to what we can have? Wouldn’t it be great? Think about that. We would be free to go wherever we want to go, do whatever we want to do, no strings attached. There would be no worries about tomorrow because tomorrow would take care of itself (I think someone said that over 2000 years ago). It would be a dream life.

Something shifted when I started to think about those things. I said to myself: You know what? There is no limit at all. We can have it all. The only limit there is is in our mind. So I chose to believe that the message “You will be traveling and coming into money” was true. It became a reality. I made a conscious decision to live a limitless life (it sounds insane, but it feels good). This new context excited me. I was jacked up! All of a sudden I felt a joy that I had never experienced before (although my pocket book did not change at all lol).

Guess what! Things started to happen in my life. Work that I was struggling to finish for weeks was done in two days. I spent 3 days going to bed at 2AM and waking up at 6:30AM to work again and I was excited to do it. And yesterday, as my friends and I were struggling to find rooms in NYC hotels (they were all booked), someone offered us a place to stay...for free. Are you kidding? This is cool. And I feel that the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to share this with my friend Paul. By the way, did you see how good looking he is in the video? If not check the video
And ladies, he is not taken yet (don’t tell him I told you so).

Moral of the story? Would you like to live a limitless life? Just drink a tasty juice while you talk to your friend on the phone.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Journey to the good and the bad

Have you ever been in a situation when nothing seems to work? That was my life for the entire of last week or so it seemed.

First of all, my home phone and internet service died the same day. Now to many this may seem like not a big deal. Heck, it was only ten years ago when most of us didn’t have any cell or home internet service. But a significant part of my business involves the use of the internet and the phone. Because of this a number of my projects were delayed.
If that was not enough, I experienced a number of delays in publishing my book and to top it all off, I got injured during basketball practice (I guess the Lakers will have to wait before they can sign me to that 3 year contract). For three days, I couldn't move, and I had no connection with the world.

All right. Something had to happen here! This was not the way I had planned things. It took me a few days to figure out that this was a wake up call. How? You may ask. This was a message to me that I needed to take some time for myself. I had no choice. In hind sight I am glad this happened because up until then my days were ridiculously busy. So, like you probably guessed, I decided to take some time off. What a joy!

The first thing I did was to find out what I was thankful for inspite of all these challenges. Let's see. In the same week when all these things were happening, I received a reward (for the second straight year) as the best speaker at Toastmasters International (The Members Choice award). On top of that, I was elected as the funniest speaker. I have to tell you that these two awards came as a surprise. I really was not expecting to win anything.

Now the surprises didn’t stop there; last week an organization asked me to be the Master of Ceremonies of an event to be held this summer. Yes, this will be another one of the many events that I would have had the opportunity at which to speak. However, this one will be unique in that the people attending will be from all over North America and even as far as Europe. And the story continues because that same day, I was also asked to join one of the top personal development training organizations in the world. This also came as a surprise, and on a day in which I needed good surprises.

The good news did not stop there. I was invited by CBC radio to be part of a panel discussing the World Cup of Soccer. What do you think I said?. ...... YES, of course! Also, did I mention to you that they would like to work with me on a very cool project?

In the middle of all this, I learned a couple of things. First of all, I learned that I am the type of person who likes to be in control and to have things go my way and happen within my timeframe. Well, guess what? After all of last week’s events I learned that I have to let go, believe and allow things to unfold in their own time (I must confess that this is easier said than done). I also learned that I have a choice of what I can choose to focus on. When I perceive that bad things are happening to me, I now choose to focus on the good things that are occurring at the same time; and as I found out last week there can be many.

I also learned that delays are a good thing. I had to change the conclusion of my book (thanks to Paul and his sister's suggestions), and now I am more excited about it. I decided to expand on the conclusion of my book to include a one on one conversation with you my blog followers. All of my blogs have been about sharing my experiences with you, however, in this book I felt that there was one part missing from the conclusion. I am happy to say that I found it! This additional part is not about me but about you. Yes you! What? You ask. Well, if I tell you now it would spoil the surprise.

So back to what I learned from all the events of last week; well, I learned that sometimes, it's good to take some time off and enjoy life.

All right, I know you have been waiting for this. Did you forget? Last time I promised you to show you a video. Here it is, and I know you will all enjoy it

Just use the link below and you will be able to watch it. That will be the moral of the story

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Journey to a TV studio

What can I say? I think I need a 25 hour day (maybe 30). But I love it. My take is that when one is busy, there is no time to sin (so, I will go to heaven. Anybody wants a ride?).

Working on the book has been a fun ride. I can’t even remember all of the people who have been involved in the process. It is unbelievable the help I am getting.
On Sunday, we worked all day, then on Monday I had to do a presentation in the afternoon (great workshop and great feedback), after which I had another meeting. On Tuesday I had a conference call with a marketing company, and then went to a studio to record a promotional video for the book (my friend Paul’s idea).

I was amazed at all the different types of equipment at the studio. For those of you who have been with me since day one, you know about the guy I talked about in my blog “My Journey to Understanding” (if not, please go back and read it. I am waiting for you).

Are you done? Good. I almost became impatient.
Well, I was in his studio and I couldn’t believe he was doing this for free (and he was excited about it). On our way home, Paul asked me: “Do you know how much money we would have had to pay to get this done?" That was a blessing. That’s all I can say.

Okay. Let’s talk about the video. Do you want to see it? I can’t hear you. Do you really want to see it? All right. Now that you insist. I am going to show it to you.
Stay tune. You will get it soon. And that will be the moral of the story

Always a pleasure.

The Journeyman

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Journey to what drives me

For those of you who love sports, I know you are having fun. We’ve got the NHL finals going on, the soccer world cup in a few days, we just finished watching the French Open (congrats to Nadal), and of course Kobe is going to win his fifth title (sorry Bertrand).

Speaking of the NBA, two stories caught my attention this week. First there is this story about three players of the Orlando Magic who had a strange bet. They challenged one of them to spend the entire season without cutting his hair. And guess what! He won the bet and went home with over $17,000 in his pocket. These guys have money to spare; it’s not even funny.

The second story is about my fellow Canadian Steve Nash (I am not the only Canadian superstar as you can see). This guy is a fighter. He lost to the Lakers despite doing everything right to win. I have never seen him play this hard. Today, I saw a clip of him crying in the locker room after the game. It was my first time seeing him that emotional. Although I was happy for the Lakers, I felt really bad for him. He was so close to his goal.

Here is a guy who has almost everything. He has all the money in the world, a beautiful family and all the things one could want, need or desire, and yet he was crying for not winning the big trophy. This is what drives true champions. It’s not about the money (I won’t say no if they gave it to me though).

After watching the clip, I started asking myself: What really drives me? That’s a good question to ask. Once we find out what drives us, dealing with different challenges becomes easy. It helps us to keep our eyes on the big prize.

I found out that making a difference in people’s lives is what really drives me. It is my fuel. Yes Samia, I was moved by the message you sent me (I told you I would write about you lol). It is unbelievable the responses I am getting from my blog’s readers. It’s like I am in a dream, everything looks unreal and I don’t feel like waking up.

Today, I shared a passage from my book with my four best friends whom I had great moments with back in the days. They were so moved by the message because it brought back great memories. On that note, I am going to share that passage with you. It’s the only passage that I will give away. If you want to read the rest, you only need to buy the book lol, which is being edited as we speak (I am a great salesman too).

Enjoy this passage; unfortunately, there won’t be any moral of the story lol

“I can't remember when I started to dream about working in media. All that I can remember is that in 1994, four of us, Aimé-Jules (also known as Demesure, a name we gave to him because he was very handsome), Tony (we called him Montana), François (also known as Kissa) and I (I had no nickname. There was none for brilliant people lol), started talking about owning a radio station. The dream was so vivid that we even had our roles chosen before even starting anything

We all played for the University Basketball team and our world was around Basketball, a little bit of soccer and for Kissa it was beer and girls (don't blame me Kissa, I am only telling the truth). Kissa was the most talented of us (Basketball wise and in school). He told me that he had been writing books. I didn't believe him until he showed me one of the books he had written. I was amazed! He was unbelievably talented. He did not publish any of them, but I knew that one day he would (and he did).

Aimé-Jules was the funniest of all of us. This guy was so nice (he still is). He made us laugh so much. Later on he became my inspiration when he started to work for the Chamber of Commerce radio station. I couldn't wait for 1 pm so that I could listen to him present the sport news on the radio

Tony was the calm guy. He is one of the most loyal friends I have even seen. We always teased him because he was the guy who showed no emotion. We were a band of brothers.

During the soccer world cup in 1994, we decided to start a sports newspaper which we called “Le Joueur” (The Player). We published it only four times. Even still it was a great experience.

A year later, Kissa left for his native Rwanda where he started a newspaper and ended up being the president of the Rwandese Journalist Association. Aimé-Jules started volunteering at the radio (and later on he was hired). Tony and I were the only ones left not working in media. But we never lost hope.

In the mean time, Kissa left for Canada, and a few years later, Aimé-Jules joined him. Tony replaced Aimé-Jules at the Radio station, and all of a sudden the four of us were working in the same field (as I got my job at Bonesha Radio station). Did I mention that not one of us went to school to study media? Kissa studied Law, Aimé-Jules and Tony studied French Literature and I was in the English Department. Our common passion led us to work in the field of our dream.”

Always a pleasure.

The Journeyman