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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Journey to the good and the bad

Have you ever been in a situation when nothing seems to work? That was my life for the entire of last week or so it seemed.

First of all, my home phone and internet service died the same day. Now to many this may seem like not a big deal. Heck, it was only ten years ago when most of us didn’t have any cell or home internet service. But a significant part of my business involves the use of the internet and the phone. Because of this a number of my projects were delayed.
If that was not enough, I experienced a number of delays in publishing my book and to top it all off, I got injured during basketball practice (I guess the Lakers will have to wait before they can sign me to that 3 year contract). For three days, I couldn't move, and I had no connection with the world.

All right. Something had to happen here! This was not the way I had planned things. It took me a few days to figure out that this was a wake up call. How? You may ask. This was a message to me that I needed to take some time for myself. I had no choice. In hind sight I am glad this happened because up until then my days were ridiculously busy. So, like you probably guessed, I decided to take some time off. What a joy!

The first thing I did was to find out what I was thankful for inspite of all these challenges. Let's see. In the same week when all these things were happening, I received a reward (for the second straight year) as the best speaker at Toastmasters International (The Members Choice award). On top of that, I was elected as the funniest speaker. I have to tell you that these two awards came as a surprise. I really was not expecting to win anything.

Now the surprises didn’t stop there; last week an organization asked me to be the Master of Ceremonies of an event to be held this summer. Yes, this will be another one of the many events that I would have had the opportunity at which to speak. However, this one will be unique in that the people attending will be from all over North America and even as far as Europe. And the story continues because that same day, I was also asked to join one of the top personal development training organizations in the world. This also came as a surprise, and on a day in which I needed good surprises.

The good news did not stop there. I was invited by CBC radio to be part of a panel discussing the World Cup of Soccer. What do you think I said?. ...... YES, of course! Also, did I mention to you that they would like to work with me on a very cool project?

In the middle of all this, I learned a couple of things. First of all, I learned that I am the type of person who likes to be in control and to have things go my way and happen within my timeframe. Well, guess what? After all of last week’s events I learned that I have to let go, believe and allow things to unfold in their own time (I must confess that this is easier said than done). I also learned that I have a choice of what I can choose to focus on. When I perceive that bad things are happening to me, I now choose to focus on the good things that are occurring at the same time; and as I found out last week there can be many.

I also learned that delays are a good thing. I had to change the conclusion of my book (thanks to Paul and his sister's suggestions), and now I am more excited about it. I decided to expand on the conclusion of my book to include a one on one conversation with you my blog followers. All of my blogs have been about sharing my experiences with you, however, in this book I felt that there was one part missing from the conclusion. I am happy to say that I found it! This additional part is not about me but about you. Yes you! What? You ask. Well, if I tell you now it would spoil the surprise.

So back to what I learned from all the events of last week; well, I learned that sometimes, it's good to take some time off and enjoy life.

All right, I know you have been waiting for this. Did you forget? Last time I promised you to show you a video. Here it is, and I know you will all enjoy it

Just use the link below and you will be able to watch it. That will be the moral of the story

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


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  1. Patrick, you are truly a superhero! Good for you for recognizing the benefits of all your challenges e.g. communication break-downs and injuries.

    During your down time the universe reminded you of all your gifts. So hope you are healing up because the world needs you to inspire them AND make them LAUGH!