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Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Journey to Montreal

I have been to Montreal a couple of times, but I cannot say I know the city well. Of all my trips there, the longer I have stayed is 3 days. I usually go just for a week end. On every occasion there is somebody to pick me up either at the airport or bus terminal, I just have to show up.

This time it was different. I knew I had to go to Montreal (I was the MC of an event taking place there), but I had little time to prepare as I was on the road for the most part prior to my trip. A day before my trip, I had no idea how I would get to Montreal and where to stay. Because I had been away for a while, I did not get a chance to talk to the organizers of the event about the logistics of my trip until only a day before (what an adventure!). But...a quick phone call to my friend Emery and there was a place for me to stay. I guess that’s what friends are for.

I then decided to take the Mega Bus. Good decision. The bus is so comfortable and makes it feel like you are flying. Plus I had access to the Internet (free advertisement for the Mega Bus people). Now I only had Emery’s phone number and he told me to call him once in Montreal.

Here’s the funny thing about this. During the six hour drive to Montreal and after the battery of my laptop died I started reading a book.The book was saying that all we need to know is where we are going. How to get there is none of our business. We just have to take the next step. I started laughing thinking of how it linked to my situation. I was going to Montreal with only a phone number as my back up. That was all I needed at that time. Once I get to Montreal, the next step would be to call my friend (I didn’t even have his home address, is that good stuff or what!).

I then decided to make my trip to Montreal about knowing the next step. It was a fun experience. Friday was great. My friend Emery told me how to get to the venue, and here I was wandering in the streets of Montreal not knowing exactly where to go but having fun nonetheless. During the event, I met a good friend of mine who was going in the same direction after. So he gave me a ride (I was like, this ‘next step’ thing is cool).

Saturday was the main event (simply so because it was the event I was hosting). I had to meet with the organizers at noon for the last touches on the schedule. My friend Emery was still sleeping when I left. I stepped out without even knowing where the bus stop is located. I was living in the moment just waiting for the next step (could it be a taxi, bus or even a ride). I wasn’t worried about the next step; I knew I would get there regardless.

All in all my stay in Montreal was awesome. I enjoyed the festivities and met people I hadn’t seen in a long time. I kept asking myself how life would be like with no worries about tomorrow, living in the moment just waiting for the next step to show up? Looking for nice things to happen of course. Wouldn’t it be nice? My guess is that’s really how life is (if we choose to live it that way). All I have to do is know where I want to go in life, live in the moment and let life take its course by showing me the next step.

Moral of the story? Do you want to live a worry free life? Just go to Montreal with just a friend’s phone number as your back up.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

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  1. Thank you ..You are amazing..keep it up .Still blessed