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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Journey to two stories

I participated in a communication's course last week-end. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. It was unbelievable! Do you know what was the emphasis in the course? Guess! It was communication in relationships! No comment! Lol

During the course, I reflected on two stories that I would like to share with you (free of charge of course). Here they are:

There was an old guy who was sleeping in his couch. His grandkids came over while he was sleeping and placed a piece of cheese under his nose. Soon after, the guy woke up and exclaimed: “this room stinks!” He went into the kitchen and said again: “This kitchen stinks as well, maybe I should go outside”. He went outside, but still the same smell was around. Finally, in disgust he shouted: “The whole world stinks”. Little did he realize that the scent came from the cheese that was under his nose.

Did you like that story? If not, I won’t share the next one. ..........Okay, okay, seeing that you insist, I will tell you the story.

There was a guy who had a dog that he liked a lot. One day, the dog was crying and making a lot of noise. Despite the dog's obvious discomfort the dog's master did nothing to calm the dog down. Not too long after a friend of the dog's owner came over and asked him why the dog was making so much noise. The dog master replied: “Oh, it’s nothing. My dog is just sitting on a nail”. His friend was shocked. He couldn’t believe it; so he asked the dog master: “why doesn’t your dog move away rom the nail then?” The dog master simply said: “Because it obviously doesn’t hurt badly enough”.

Let me guess, you're probably wondering why was I thinking about these two stories? Do you really want to know why? Well, because there have been some areas of my life that continually seemed to be not going the way I would have liked and because of this I blamed the entire world (like the guy with the cheese). The truth is that I needed to make certain changes in my life in order to see positive results in these areas. (unlike the dog sitting on the nail).

So I did, and one of the results was my change of status on Facebook. Did you see it? Lol

Moral of the story? Do you want to make significant changes in your life? Make sure there is no cheese under your nose when you wake up.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman


  1. Toi tu veux faire durer le suspense.... C'est qui??? Facebook profile isn't complete! Anyway, I like reading your blogs.

  2. Loved these 2 stories Patrick! Every time I smell a piece of cheese I will think of this post! And congrats on your new relationship status on Facebook!