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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Journey to my second meeting with Bob Proctor

He is the master of the Law of Attraction and that is why he is attracting me in his life (or is it the opposite?). For the second time in two weeks, I had the opportunity to be with Bob Proctor. When he saw me again he jokingly said “This is the second time I have seen you Patrick. Will you finally get it?”

Not only did I meet Bob Proctor, I also met his wife. She is also a successful business woman.

This time I was with Paul my business partner. Of course I introduced Paul to my good friend Bob lol. Man, this guy is a genius. He told us a story about how his housemaid once asked him to buy a lottery ticket. Bob just said to her: “I would rather earn the money”. He went on to say that, in fact, he earned one million dollars just sitting in his kitchen meditating on great ideas when the one million dollar idea came to him. I said to myself "Well, I am going to sit in my kitchen everyday" lol.

Two weeks ago when I met him, I was so much in admiration of him that his message was not my main focus. This time, I felt a deep conviction that I can do what he did and what he continues to do everyday, even when he is asleep. In fact, what he did is so simple that it seems too good to be true. He just followed what Napoleon Hill said in his book “Think and Grow Rich” (Guess what I am reading now? Lol).

After his presentation, I approached him while he was chatting with a group of ladies. I was there just to listen to the wisdom that was coming from his mouth. Let me paraphrase what he said: “There is a law of polarity. This law says that everything has its opposite. So, if you feel you are not successful, there must be an opposite side to that. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that you do not like in your life. Then, on another piece of paper, write the opposite of what you have just written on the first piece of paper. Once you have done that, focus on the positive side by being grateful that it is coming into your life. Read the paper over and over again until you believe it.”

After this conversation he turned to me and started asking me a few questions. He asked me how in the world am I so good looking. Just kidding!!

Actually, he asked me what I do and I told him. I also told him that I wrote a blog about him and that I am about to publish my first book. I mentioned to him that I attended the same professional public speaking training as he did. He looked into my eyes and just said: “Patrick, you are on the right track .” YES SIR! That was exactly what I needed to hear.

I am about to speak to one of his business partners. Who knows what will come up?

Moral of the story? Do you want to meet Bob Proctor twice in two weeks? Me too.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory

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