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Monday, April 25, 2011

My Journey to a Great Partnership

What a week-end!!! I don’t think I have done this before. I left on Friday for Buffalo New York for a book launch (an amazing event by the way), came back the same day and got home almost at 1 AM. At seven in the morning on Saturday, I hit the road again for a four hour drive to Ottawa. We got there around noon and I played two Basketball games (that we lost) and went out with most of the players for the reception. I went to bed at 1 AM and I was on the road back to Toronto at 9 in the morning on Sunday, another four hour drive.

I got to Toronto just in time for a Goal Achievers meeting at 4 pm, and then I went to another meeting. By the time I was done around 9.30 pm on Sunday, I couldn’t contain my excitement (I couldn’t even feel that I was tired). Please don’t think that I am on drugs lol.

In his classic “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill wrote: “There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it, for labor is the highest form of human expression of desire. Labor is the liaison
between the demand and the supply of all human needs, the forerunner of all human progress, the medium by which the imagination of man is given the wings of action. And all labor of love is sanctified because it brings the joy of self-expression to him who performs it”

I have found my labor of love. It’s called helping others achieve their dreams. And when I am doing that, time seems to fly and I don’t even feel that I am tired. Funny enough, out of the blue, people seem to come from nowhere to help me achieve mine. The last few weeks have been unbelievable. From acquiring Goal Achievers Canada to having great business partners, it doesn’t seem to stop.

Just yesterday, I was talking with Jean-Guy Francoeur (my new business partner and mentor) and what he was telling me got me so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night. He painted my future in such a way that I was thinking “what did I do to deserve all this?”
These kinds of moments make me remember all those days and nights (even now sometimes) when I was working hard with nothing to show for, hoping that one day I will see the end of the tunnel. Jean-Guy showed it to me yesterday. It is going to be a fun ride working with him.

For those of you who e-mailed me last week, on May 7, you will be there for a treat. Do you know why? Jean-Guy is one of the speakers. He has a solid marketing system, when put in place, can rock your world (as it did with mine yesterday). By the way, I have 2 tickets left to give away for free ($300 of value) to my blog readers (first come first served). Just e-mail me at and we will have a chat. For the details of the seminar, please go to

I am going to leave you with this cool message I got today from Mike Dooley. I really loved it

“Even though you can't physically see a tree growing, it doesn't mean it's not. Right?
Same with the world spinning? Gravity clinging? So next time the masses are huddled at your feet, pining about dreams they claim are not coming true, you might remind them of this. Every day you get closer”.

Moral of the story? Do you want to lose some basketball games and still be excited? Just e-mail me, I will tell you how

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Journey to one of the busiest Months

It is rare that I cancel any of my appointments, but today there was no way I could go to my meeting at 1PM. I called my friend and asked him if we could reschedule for next week. I was so exhausted. Luckily, my friend agreed to my request, and I went straight back to sleep.

I had numerous meetings and commitments last week, but nothing compares to what is coming up this week. Let's see. A General Assembly of our non-profit organization this Monday, then a few meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, a three hour workshop that I am conducting on Thursday after a meeting, Friday I will be in Buffalo to host a book launch, Saturday morning I will be heading to Ottawa for a basketball game (we are having our own play offs lol), and then I will be back in Toronto on Sunday...(my theory is that when I am busy, I don't have time to sin. So, I will definitely go to heaven).

I am both busy and exited. Being part the Goal Achievers Group has brought me to heights that I have never been to before (or you can use "that I have never experienced". These guys are serious players on the market place. Just a few weeks ago, we had an idea of putting together an event on May 7, and before we got home, the website was already done. Are you serious??!!! (did you check yet?)

Before we took our breath, another guy came back with two HUGE pieces of good news. The first one, is... (I am holding my breath here), the great Gerry Robert is coming to speak at our event. Are you kidding??!!! Do you mean, I will be sharing the stage with Gerry Robert? This time I won't be the one signing autographs, I will be the one chasing autographs. I was so excited when I heard the news man!

I have seen Gerry once on stage with Bob Proctor, and now not only am I meeting him, but I will be speaking on stage with him!!!

Gerry Robert brought himself out of poverty to earning over $1 Million in a single year. Now he's a mentor to some of the highest income earners in numerous industries. He is a bestselling author, columnist, speaker and consultant operating throughout North America and Asia. Gerry has spoken to over 3 Million people from around the world (I am not speaking about me here. I am not there yet lol).

Do you remember that I told you that there was two pieces of good news? You will be excited when I tell you this one. OK, take a few minutes, relax a bit and come back when you are ready to hear this. I will be here waiting for you when you return...

OK, now that you came back ready to hear the news, I am going to give it to you. I have a couple of FREE tickets to give away (shhh!! Please don't tell everybody). Yes. You got it right. We have been able to secure a sponsor who agreed to pay for 50 people at the May 7 event. I am one of the speakers, so I am holding a few tickets (I won't tell you how many) worth $299 each. Since you are reading my blog, you are the chosen ones (I have another chosen one who is in Kigali, but that is another story lol). Just e-mail me at, and I can reserve a seat for you (first come first serve as the tickets are limited). You will have a day that you will never forget. You will finally get to see me do my thing on stage (please don't say that you will only come because of Gerry Robert).

Before I let you go, I have to tell you that I had such a humbling experience yesterday. For those who don't know, I am heading to Burundi this coming June for my wedding (to the same wife I married in December lol). This time it is the religious wedding where family and friends will be gathered to celebrate with us (William and Kate? Lol).

A couple of friends came together and put together a fund raising event for my trip and the community responded in ways that brought tears in my eyes. Thank you guys. What a great tradition we have!

Moral of the story? Do you want to attend a great meeting for free, just e-mail me and you will be chasing autographs. But this time it won't me mine.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Journey to a Great Conversation

Do you have a friend that, after you talk to him or her you feel better than before your conversation?

I have such a friend. Every time I talk to her I feel like a million bucks (I guess that is how she feels as well). Do you know the funny part? The last time I saw her was over 15 years ago. We only talk over the phone, but sometimes the conversation can go over two hours. Can you believe that!!

Our conversation is not serious all the time, but most of the time we find ourselves sharing what we have been reading, who is our favourite speaker, or just memories of the past. It is always a fun conversation.

Just yesterday, I called her to say hello, and two hours later we were still talking. I shared with her how;a few years ago I went through some tough times where I couldn't even pay attention lol. She laughed a lot and she started sharing with me what she went through as well (how about both empty wallet and empty fridge lol)

Then the conversation became very interesting. She started telling me how money has been coming to her so easily that sometimes she can't believe it is happening to her. I wanted to know her secret. Do you know her secret? It is simple and now that I know it, I am going to sell it to you (hey, I am a business man, so now that I got it for free, I am going to sell it at a high price). Just kidding lol

Guess how she got out of her tough financial times? That's right. Yes, you got it right. She gave her way to financial abundance. I heard it many times, but when she told me one of her stories, I was blown away.

A few years ago, on her way home, she was complaining about her constant lack of money and that she was going home to find her fridge empty. She only had two dollars and fifty cents in her pocket (enough for her to get home) and nothing in her bank account (I know how this feels seeing that I had been there so many times)

As she was about to pay her ticket at the subway station, a guy who was behind her was rushing to go to work. He had a twenty dollar bill and he was looking for change to pay the fare. He asked my friend if she had change for a twenty. What do you think? She had none.

Then, an amazing thing happened. The guy simply told her: “I am rushing to work, I don’t have time to go for change, can you take my twenty and give me your two dollars and fifty cents. You can keep the rest for you.” How about that! Do you think my friend refused the offer? (Would you?). I think that was enough reason for her to stop complaining.

The story doesn’t stop there. On her way home, she thought: “I had two dollars and fifty cents, now I just got a twenty. What can I do with this money? I think I am going to give it away”.What??? Are you serious??

Yes, she gave the money away. She donated it to a ministry that she liked. Guess what! By the time she got home, there was an envelope waiting for her. Her school decided to give her money back for the tuition that she paid years prior, but did not take the courses. Ask me how much the cheque was. How much? No, higher than that. How much? No, please. Higher than that! Yes you got it: $5020

Imagine you leave your office with $2.50 (just enough to get you home), and by the time you are about to take the train you get $20 that you decide to give away; and then you get home to find $5,020. I think that's what I call having a great day, wouldn't you?

I think we can all use my friend’s secret. We can give our way to financial abundance.

Moral of the story? Do you want to be rich? Just give me all your money and I will write a blog about you lol

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Journey to a Great Meeting

Imagine you go for a meeting and you find yourself in the presence of a group of people including an author whose book will very soon be in the hands of one million people, a web guru who is helping thousands of people to market their businesses online, a marketing genius whose business portfolio is about to reach ten million dollars, a black belt Karate instructor who is talking about another couple of properties he just acquired and who is an expert in financial fitness, a guy who is making tons of network connections in a heart beat and a sales expert who, by the end of this year would have delivered over 80 keynote speeches and presentations to sales executives. Wouldn't it be nice?

Guess what? I have been part of such a group of people for the last five months . Every Sunday afternoon, this mastermind group meets for about one hour and half to talk about our goals and how we can help each other achieve them. This group is called GoalAchievers International founded by a great friend of mine and mentor Phil Taylor.

A few months ago, I was speaking at a Toastmasters meeting and Phil Taylor happened to be in the audience (maybe he knew there was a celebrity scheduled to speak that day lol). We connected right away, and long story short, I found myself part of a group of powerhouse speakers.

Do you know what I like about the name “GoalAchievers International”? It's the word “International”. Phil Taylor has a vision of having his group in every continent. As he shared his vision with the group a few months ago, he mentioned that he would be moving to the US to expand GoalAchievers International. I was so excited for him but a little sad as my mentor would be going away.

Phil is such a great servant and he has a big heart. I have no doubt that very soon, every city in the US will hear about GoalAchievers. What a great surprise when Phil asked your Journeyman if he would be interested in taking over and becoming the President of the Canadian branch of GoalAchievers International. Are you kidding me!!!?? Talk about a humbling moment. As I lead the meeting yesterday, in the presence of greatness (these people are unbelievable), I couldn't hide my emotions. It is going to be a fun ride I am telling you. It's a dream come true.

It couldn't be better. Next month, we are organizing a one day seminar where each of these speakers will be speaking on his area of expertise. Get ready to be empowered by amazing trainers. For the first time in ages, I won't be the only celebrity in the house lol

Moral of the story? Do you want to meet great people? Keep looking good and you will attract them into your life

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory