Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Journey to a Great Conversation

Do you have a friend that, after you talk to him or her you feel better than before your conversation?

I have such a friend. Every time I talk to her I feel like a million bucks (I guess that is how she feels as well). Do you know the funny part? The last time I saw her was over 15 years ago. We only talk over the phone, but sometimes the conversation can go over two hours. Can you believe that!!

Our conversation is not serious all the time, but most of the time we find ourselves sharing what we have been reading, who is our favourite speaker, or just memories of the past. It is always a fun conversation.

Just yesterday, I called her to say hello, and two hours later we were still talking. I shared with her how;a few years ago I went through some tough times where I couldn't even pay attention lol. She laughed a lot and she started sharing with me what she went through as well (how about both empty wallet and empty fridge lol)

Then the conversation became very interesting. She started telling me how money has been coming to her so easily that sometimes she can't believe it is happening to her. I wanted to know her secret. Do you know her secret? It is simple and now that I know it, I am going to sell it to you (hey, I am a business man, so now that I got it for free, I am going to sell it at a high price). Just kidding lol

Guess how she got out of her tough financial times? That's right. Yes, you got it right. She gave her way to financial abundance. I heard it many times, but when she told me one of her stories, I was blown away.

A few years ago, on her way home, she was complaining about her constant lack of money and that she was going home to find her fridge empty. She only had two dollars and fifty cents in her pocket (enough for her to get home) and nothing in her bank account (I know how this feels seeing that I had been there so many times)

As she was about to pay her ticket at the subway station, a guy who was behind her was rushing to go to work. He had a twenty dollar bill and he was looking for change to pay the fare. He asked my friend if she had change for a twenty. What do you think? She had none.

Then, an amazing thing happened. The guy simply told her: “I am rushing to work, I don’t have time to go for change, can you take my twenty and give me your two dollars and fifty cents. You can keep the rest for you.” How about that! Do you think my friend refused the offer? (Would you?). I think that was enough reason for her to stop complaining.

The story doesn’t stop there. On her way home, she thought: “I had two dollars and fifty cents, now I just got a twenty. What can I do with this money? I think I am going to give it away”.What??? Are you serious??

Yes, she gave the money away. She donated it to a ministry that she liked. Guess what! By the time she got home, there was an envelope waiting for her. Her school decided to give her money back for the tuition that she paid years prior, but did not take the courses. Ask me how much the cheque was. How much? No, higher than that. How much? No, please. Higher than that! Yes you got it: $5020

Imagine you leave your office with $2.50 (just enough to get you home), and by the time you are about to take the train you get $20 that you decide to give away; and then you get home to find $5,020. I think that's what I call having a great day, wouldn't you?

I think we can all use my friend’s secret. We can give our way to financial abundance.

Moral of the story? Do you want to be rich? Just give me all your money and I will write a blog about you lol

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
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