Monday, July 4, 2011

My Journey back from Rwanda

It's Monday morning, I know you will read this blog a week after I had written it, but I couldn't wait to write this one, as I know you couldn't wait to read it. This reminds me of a story of a guy who was writing a letter so slowly that it started to bother his friend who was with him. When asked why he was writing that slowly, he simply said: it's because my friend, who will be reading this letter, is a slow reader. Go figure!

I was in Kigali for both to see my in-laws and for the traditional engagement party before the William and Kate like wedding day on August 6. You are all invited, but if you cannot make it, just watch it live on CNN.

The party was simply amazing. I was in a traditional outfit that made me look like Eddy Murphy in Coming to America. I was the Prince of Zamunda. It was a learning process for me as Rwandan tradition is a little bit different from ours in terms of the engagement party process. They even had to find somebody from Rwanda who would represent our family to deliver the speech (we did not want to mess things up, otherwise I would go home without my bride). What a good surprise when I met our representative. It turned out that he is the father of a longtime friend of mine and classmate! It is really a small world.

I arrived in Kigali on Thursday, before my family and friends who were coming the next day from Burundi. I had to meet Jeff my Best Man, and go with him to visit my in-laws where we watched a DVD of a previous engagement party (not mine of course lol), so that I could have an idea of what would happen in mine. After watching it, I had a broad picture of the process.

Now that being said, the day of the party, I couldn't remember everything. It took somebody like Jeff, who is familiar with the complete process, to guide me every step of the way. Even my bride was whispering some stuff in my ear (which I didn't mind lol) just to let me know what was coming up next. In the end, it all worked out fine and the party and after party was great. And just in case you were wondering about the after party.....well yes, I entertained the guest with some of my moves to a great selection of music.

I am trying to figure out why I am telling you all this.

Oh, it just came to me! You are all lucky that I did not lose my inspiration. Maybe it's the nice smell coming from the kitchen. It looks like I will be having a great lunch (there is no way I could cook this good)

Back to my story. For me, the whole thing looked like achieving any goal. We need to see the broad picture of what we want to achieve (me watching the DVD before my party), but most importantly, we need to have mentors who know the process and who can guide us in achieving our goal (Jeff, my Best Man was my mentor). We may stumble in the process, but if we trust our mentors and keep the big picture in mind, all will work out fine at the end.

My challenge to you is, if you have any goal in mind, or if you are working on something that you have no idea as to how you will achieve it, how about finding a good mentor who has the experience of already being there and who knows what to do? That would make the process easier for you, and maybe cut in half the time it takes for you to achieve your goal.

Moral of the story? Do you want to find a good mentor? Just have your traditional engagement party and you will look like the Prince of Zamunda.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of finding a great mentor Patrick! And hey show us all a photo of you looking like Eddie Murphy as Prince of Zamunda!