Monday, July 25, 2011

My Journey to a great event

It's been more than a month that I am here in Burundi (away from North American paparazzi lol). So far, I have not had time yet to see all my friends , but I am having a great time. I have been to the airport twice and it was nice to see some fellow Torontonians coming down here.

My time has been mainly devoted to my upcoming wedding (we are only two weeks away, stay tune to a TV channel near you), but I have been involved in some other stuff as well. I am part of an organization called Heart of Africa Alliance based here in Burundi, and for the last two years, they have been doing some cool things. Heart of Africa Alliance is an organization that was founded by journalists and former journalists who are still working in the communication field, and its main purpose is to promote excellence by giving awards to people who have been working more than others in different fields. Last year was about rewarding those who have been involved in the children rights, and this year it will be about the environment.

Last year's event was so great but I did not get a chance to be there (I only sent a video). But this year, not only will I be there, but I will also get the opportunity to see my friends Kijanya and Nicolas from Toronto perform at the event (after so many years away from Burundi). We have a few other high profile guests (other than me of course), and the big announcement is a few hours away.

As the event is a few days away, we have been running all over the place talking to different businesses and organizations asking them for sponsors. I was amazed by people's generosity. Everybody wants to be part of it (who wouldn't? The fact that I am part of it is enough to bring sponsors, and I am saying this with my legendary modesty lol). Just kidding.

At some occasions when we meet business owners, I get a chance to tell them what I do, and I can see that in a near future I will be working with some of them. It is great to see young entrepreneurs taking big steps and making things happen. How pleasant it was to see one of my former students running a great organization helping others to achieve their dreams! I was like, either he was a brilliant student, or his teacher was brilliant . After a few thoughts, I am saying that he was a brilliant student. He made me so proud.

There are so many great things happening here, but it is sad to say that we do not have enough opportunities to hear about them. I purposefully do not listen to the news (that so often are saying that the sky is falling down on us), and have decided to focus on the good things that I see. And you know what? There are plenty of them. This is another proof to the saying that goes like “energy flows where attention goes”. If our focus is on the good things, guess what? We will see more good things and more good things will come to us. This is the Journeyman wisdom and it is free of charge.

Moral of the story? Do you want to see more good things coming to you, just keep reading my blogs and you will be invited to a great event

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

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