Monday, September 19, 2011

My Journey to a meeting with Gandhi

You must be thinking that I lost my mind when I say that I met Gandhi. Don't worry. I am doing fine. I met him only in a story that I heard. Do you want to hear it? I know you do. So I will tell the story

Long time ago, there was a lady in India whose son was eating too much sugar. She tried so many times in vain to ask him to stop eating sugar. After a while, she thought that Gandhi could help. She took her son to Gandhi and begged him to tell him to stop eating sugar. He carefully listen to the lady, and then went: “Please come back in two weeks, I will be able to help you”

Two weeks later, the lady came back to see Gandhi. The Mahatma looked in the young boy's eyes and told him: “Please stop eating too much sugar”. That was it. The lady could not believe it. “Do you mean I had to wait two weeks for you to ask my son to stop eating sugar” she said. “Why couldn't tell him in the first place?” Then, Gandhi simply said: “You see madam. Two weeks ago, I was still eating sugar. I could not ask your son to stop eating sugar while I was doing the same. I had to stop eating sugar myself so that I can ask your son with authority and integrity to stop eating it”

How incredible was that!

You may ask yourselves why I shared this story with you. It was just to find what I could write about. What do you think? I am not always inspired to write something. Just kidding! My inspiration is still there (more than ever). So relax, I will tell you why.

Few months ago, I received a call from a lady that I was coaching. She was so excited on the other side of the line. She emotionally said to me that, thanks to my coaching, her company would be making half a million dollars by the end of this year. Are you kidding me!!! I was so excited for her, but I was also mad at me. Do you know why? How in the world can I coach somebody to make half a million dollars while I don't have that kind of money myself? That would be like Gandhi asking the young guy to stop eating sugar while he (Gandhi) was still eating it.

That was few months ago. I then decided to change the way I do things. My decision was, first, test my own coaching, see if it can work with me before I can coach anybody else. I had to put myself on the line, go out there and create the life I want. If I succeed....No. I have to rephrase that. WHEN I succeed (because there is no other choice), I will then go out and teach others to create the life they want. Does it make sense? I know it does

I then decided, after 7 years working for a wonderful place, to send my resignation letter. I was done. No turning back. Now I had no other choice that create my future as I go, doing the things I love to do. On top of that, I had my wedding coming up. Do you think it was scary? Yes it was. But there was no turning back. I had to take my own coaching, live by it, use it and succeed before I could teach anybody else (like Gandhi with the sugar).

Guess what! It worked. And still does. I was able to find contracts in Burundi, using my own system, after nine years of absence in the country. Now I am coaching people, but most of all, I am working on a wonderful project that became a labor of love. It is so great to live the life you chose, a life you know that you have created. And the beautiful thing is that anybody can do it. It is not something that only superstars like myself can do lol. You can do it too. It takes a leap of faith, courage and determination, a little bit of luck (even though I don't believe in luck) and a lot of love from your wife (that is my case lol). Challenges will be there (I am still facing them), but you will be able to overcome them if you don't give up

So, my friend, create your life and go out there and live it. You can do it

Moral of the story? Do you want to live the life you want? Just get married, and you will work on a wonderful project

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


  1. Man, just curious! How is ur relationship with God?

  2. ask to wake and be aware-and then,do nothing.
    as it is now it is all your ego,no god.

  3. First time reading your blog, you are a real source of inspiration. Thanks