Monday, April 30, 2012

My Journey to a Meeting with Brian Tracy

Last Tuesday I finally met Brian Tracy. We have been preparing this event for a while that I was glad he was finally here. This guy has been teaching success principles for decades and I couldn't wait to meet him in person. With a room full of people, I was wondering how I was going to find him and ask for a picture (so that I could show off..). I had my camera ready, and I followed him wherever he was going, and I finally got a chance to talk to him. He agreed to take a picture with me. He did not know he was with an upcoming superstar (if I don't say it, who will? Lol)

For fans of the great game of Basketball, I hope you are enjoying the moment. The Playoffs are on baby! For non Basketball fans, you have no idea what you're missing. The Playoffs are for the Big Boys only. It's an endless fight that will lead to the ultimate goal of the NBA championship. The series are tight (except Miami crushing New York in their first game), and injuries are “monnaie courante” as we say in French. D Rose will be missed

While I have missed some games (yes, I have to share TV time with a not so quite big fan of the, I was glad I watched yesterday game between Memphis and the Clippers. What a game!!
Check this out: at the end of the third quarter, the Clippers were behind 27 points!! At the beginning of the last quarter, they were still behind 21 points and their coach decided to enter bench players ( for me the bench is a was familiar territory lol), thinking that the game was over, maybe saving his superstars for the next game.

Chris Paul (The Clippers Superstar point guard) did not see it that way. He still believed, against all odds, that they could still win the game. He pleaded with his coach to let him get back in the game. Thank God the coach agreed to. The fight was on. These guys were playing the game of their lives. Not only they rallied to come back, they won the game in a historic fashion. It took a lot from me not to scream as my wife was sleeping (you can tell she is not a huge fan...). Man, it was fun to watch.

As I mentioned many times before, Basketball is a school of life. It is one of those sports that remind us that the game is not over until it is over. When all things seem to tell that we're done, there is still a chance. It took one man to believe that they could still win, he convinced his coach and the rest was history. I love that!

If you feel like all hell is turning loose on you, if you feel that there is no more hope, Basketball is there to let you know that, until it's over, it's not over yet. Keep believing, keep the faith, there may be a historic come back, like the Clippers demonstrated yesterday .I hope this will convince non Basketball fans to give this game a chance, but above all, will convince my wife to let me watch more games. Her husband needs to be inspired all the time to provide for the family (that's my sales pitch lol).

Moral of the story? Do you want to be inspired? Just watch NBA Basketball and you won't fall asleep when others do.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman

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