Monday, April 23, 2012

My Journey with Simon, Part 2

I thought I would write this blog on Sunday, but after what I thought would be a quick trip to Hamilton Ontario, I got home almost at 11 pm. I couldn't write at that time as I was exhausted, my only hope was that the inspiration would be still there when I wake up. Then I thought I would write it on Monday morning, but my work could not allow it. The good news is that I am here writing now. Aren't you glad? It's about time you left your computer now. You have been waiting for a long time.

Last week I wrote about how I was becoming a huge fan of Simon Cowell of the X Factor TV show (among other shows). To tell you the truth I was hoping to get an e-mail or phone call from him to thank me, but I am still waiting (patience is a virtue I have learned). I guess he is busy producing artists (he doesn't know what he is missing for not calling me lol)

Once again, I watched a few clips of the show this week (don't worry, I have other things to do as well). Do you know what made me think the most? The reaction of the contestants. Those who made it were crying, and those who had to go home were crying as well. I guess they were not crying for the same reasons, but they were all crying nevertheless.

Which led me to this crazy thought. When you think about it, all the contestants were there for one thing and one thing only: to win, or at least go through the first stage. May I suggest to you that it is not the case? Aren't they there to win? You may ask. I am here to say that they are not.

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Let's say you are one of the contestants. Your dream has been for a long time to become a recording artist. You have been working hard to get a recording deal but you seem not to get ahead. Then you hear that Simon and the X Factor are coming in your city and you can go there to audition. Your only hope is to get there, let them hear your music, and perhaps you will convince them that you are the one.

You pack your stuff, you make sure you have been practicing your stuff, and before you know it you are in front of Simon and the crew. You know that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you miss this one, maybe your dream will die. You are nervous, but you know that you are good enough to win, only you did not get a chance like this before.

Two minutes go by, you showcased your talent and...yes, you got it. You are going to the next round. You are now crying and these are tears of joy. Let me ask you something. Why are you crying? Isn't that you have a feeling that your dreams are now coming true? I guess so. And when your dreams come true, you will finally be...happy? So, happiness is then the ultimate goal, not the stuff. Am I right?

So, if happiness is the goal, why wait when we achieve things for us be happy while we can be happy regardless. Happiness is a choice and it is an inside job. We should be happy regardless of what is happening around us. Do you know the funny part? Once we decide to be happy, things around us will arrange themselves to keep us in that mood. But this time, we won't be attached to things as our source of happiness. If we win, it's good, and if we don't, it's still good. It's all about experiencing the journey, nothing more (then, we are all journeymen and women...).

I have to admit that I have been in that trap for a long time, thinking that when I reach my goal I will finally happy, but every time I reach the top, there is another thing that I want. Here we go again, I am back to the hunting mode. There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, but we should not be attached too much to the stuff that we forget to enjoy the moment. That's my opinion.

Moral of the story? Do you want to meet Simon and audition? Just read my blog and ask him to call me.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman

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