Monday, February 25, 2013

My Journey Back on Stage

I finally got a haircut last Wednesday. Yes, I had my funny hair fashion for seventy two hours. I guess it was for a reason as when I  got to the barbershop, guess who was there getting his haircut? Toronto Raptors' (and Toronto native) Jamaal Magloire. This guy is HUGE. At first I wanted to go to him and ask for an autograph, a picture or something, but I remembered my funny haircut and I decided to stay away from him. He seems to be a nice guy though. Maybe he would have said yes to my request. I guess I will see him around again soon.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to speak to a group of professional immigrants from Haiti. It was a couple of minutes away from home, so I said yes. It was really fun. I made very good contacts there, one of them hooked me up to a Speakers Bureau, and long story short, I am part of their speakers now. The first engagement was last week when I spoke to an amazing group of students about the Black History Month.

Two days after my presentation, I was on stage again doing a workshop for French speaking new immigrants to Toronto. It was two hours of pure fun. A few days later, Jim my friend sent me an e-mail asking me if I would share the stage with him, speaking about blogging. Done deal. Yesterday, Jim and I were entertaining a group of blog savvy people.

I have to say that I haven't been speaking as often as I would like to the last several months due to time constraint. Getting back on stage the last few weeks felt so good. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning

After my presentation with Jim (he rocked the house by the way), we went downstairs to see how other speakers perform. The whole two day conference was about Social Media. Man was I impressed! It's crazy how technology changes so fast. It was like listening to a foreign language. I have been out of the loop for a few months, now I was looking like an alien. Blogging is no longer enough for me. I have to learn how to keep up with technology. Fortunately, Jim seems to be up to date with everything. I better hang around with him more (yes Jim, I know you also miss me as you have been drinking your Iced Cappuccino alone lol).

That's the thing with any goal. If we don't focus enough, we loose our momentum and it becomes hard to catch up. Distractions are of many kinds, some of them can even be out of our control, but it is crucial to keep our focus as much as we can. The rest is not even up to us. Our job is to focus our energy towards what we are creating, with high expectation. The rest is in God's hands.

Moral of the story? Do you want to meet a professional Basketball player? Just have a haircut and you will be talking about blogging.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman.

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