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Monday, February 18, 2013

My Journey to a Haircut.

Hello there.
It's been a while since I posted my blog on Monday. It feels really good. I have to admit that the inspiration is not there all the time. Sometimes I have to wait until I have an
idea of what I am going to write about.

This week, the idea came to me just yesterday when I was having my haircut.

You see, it has been almost seven years that I cut my hair myself. Every two weeks, all I have to do is getting my machine, and ten minutes later I am better looking (at least that is what the survey says lol).

So, here I was yesterday evening, in front of my mirror, ready to do a job that I have been doing for almost a decade now. Can you guess what happened? Two minutes into mjob, the machine died. Are you kidding me!! There was nothing I could do. My hair looked exactly like that bush we always see on TV while watching people on Safari in Kenya. The only thing missing was those wild animals lol.

I went in the living room to show my wife my new haircut and she exploded with laughter. I think that I have just invented a new hair fashion. Good thing that the paparazzi were not around, you would have waken up with my picture on the front page of your favourite newspaper.

Do you know the funny thing? All the barbershops were closed today. Yes it was a day off here in Ontario. I just spent the last twenty four hours with my new haircut. I am lucky we did nopt have any visitor today. That would have been so funny. The only thing I missed was my morning visit to the gym. I did not want to scare people with my new hair fashion. I can't wait to see the face of the guy who is going to cut my hair tomorrow. He will certainly have some questions to ask me

Life is full of surprises. Stuff happen. We can plan all we want, but sometimes we can be caught by surprise. We have to know how to deal with those things. I guess the solution could be to learn to laugh at ourselves when the unexpected happens.

Moral of the story? Do you want to know how to deal with life's surprises? Just get a new haircut and you will stay home for twenty four hours.

Always a pleasure,
The Journeyman.

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