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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Journey to a Legacy

It is almost midnight on Sunday and I am putting the baby to sleep after a long day at the beach. She is exhausted, and so am I.

You might be thinking how am I able to put the baby to sleep and write at the same time. It is simple. After a long time of trials and errors, I have found the secret. Do you want to know what it is? I will tell it to you and it is free of charge: Music

When my daughter hears music, everything changes. Life becomes easy for me. However, lately I have discovered that, even though she likes music, there is one particular artist that does the job the best: Bob Marley. When she hears Bob Marley, she just stands still. Nothing can disturb her. All she wants to hear is the reggae song. As soon as the music starts, she widely smiles and she wants to dance.

Guess what CD i play the most? You guessed it right; Bob Marley. She could be crying but, as soon she hears "little darling, still it up", she just stops crying. It is so amazing.

The other day I played the entire CD and my wife couldn't help notice that I was singing everyone of Bob Marley's songs (I think I know almost 99% of his entire repertoire). She was pretty much impressed (not by my voice though).

What she doesn't know is that I spent my childhood listening to Bob Marley songs all day long (without even understanding what he was singing about). Later on when I could speak English, I kept a book which had all Bob Marley's lyrics.

Isn't it funny that many years later (and I won't tell you how many), my daughter goes to sleep  listening to the same music to which I grew up listening.

Just two days ago, I was discussing with a great friend about the legacy we would like to leave for our children. I think it is safe to say that Bob Marley got that covered. Over thirty years after his death, his music is still alive, and we still love it. Isn't that beautiful?

What legacy would you like to leave to your family? Better yet, what legacy would you like to leave to the world?

It is something that I am now seriously thinking about, and my hope is that, even years after I will have passed on, generations would still remember me for the contribution I would have given to the world. That's my prayer.

Moral of the story? Do you want to leave a great legacy? Just listen to Bob Marley songs and you will fall asleep.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman.

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  1. Wow, amazing how your daughter resonates with Bob Marley music! Maybe it's in her DNA that came from your DNA and loving his music! Now I have to listen to it.