Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Journey With a New Name

 In less than three months, our daughter will celebrate her third birthday. I am really looking forward to that day. Now that she knows how to sing “happy birthday”, I guess she will be singing her own song.

Many of you know that our daughter’s name is Skylar. I was surprised a few weeks ago when I showed her a picture of mine and asked her: “who is this?” She just said: “Skylar”.
My daughter thinks that my name is Skylar. It is so funny when she calls me. It makes me laugh all the time.

One of the organizations that I used to work for has asked me if I could volunteer and be a member of an advisory committee that is putting a program together to help French speaking fathers who are new immigrants to Toronto. I was so glad they asked me. I am eager to learn what other fathers are experiencing raising their children.

Before our daughter was born, I can’t remember the last time I held a baby for more than five minutes in my arms. I really can’t. I think it was when my younger brother was born. And that is in 1981 haha. You can tell I had a lot to learn in terms of taking care of babies.

My wife has raised all her nephews since they were born, so there was nothing new for her. She is the one who taught me everything. I was so determined to get involved in every aspect of our daughter’s life.

Ever since Skylar was born, I learned how to feed her, to change her, to give her a bath, to put her to sleep, to play with her, I am the one who brings her to daycare, I bring her to church,  I do everything…, and I have never stopped. It has been almost three years that I am doing all of these things. I got to tell you. It has been the best experience of my life.

Skylar and I have chemistry that I cannot explain. We laugh all the time, we have invented games, we have our little secrets, and we miss each other a lot when I am not home. No wonder she calls me Skylar lol.

A few weeks ago, I was doing a presentation to young students, and at the end of it, one young girl asked me: “what drives you to do the things you do?” Without hesitation, I replied: “My family.”

Every time when I feel that I am losing hope, every time when I feel I am losing patience, every time it feels like the hope is gone, at least I know that at six O’clock when my daughter sees me coming to pick her up at the daycare, and she comes running to give me a hug, I can hope for one more day. I can keep the faith for one more day. I can feel her love and get back to work one more day.

I have a question for you. What drives you to do the things you do? Take a moment to think about that. It will help you to hold on one more day if you feel that the hope is gone.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was a star this last week. A friend of mine called me last Thursday and said: “I just saw you in the newspaper”. Those of you who can read French, check this out: Click here

Unfortunately the online version of the article does not have my picture on it. You could have seen that I am now better looking (I wish lol)

Moral of the story? Do you want to get a new name? Just spend a lot of time with my daughter and she will name you Skylar.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman

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