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Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Journey with An Old Friend

Have you thought about someone, and the next thing you know you meet her or him? Or simply he/she calls you out of the blue?

It happened to me last week. For a while, I had been thinking about a good friend of mine that I had lost track of for years. The last time I saw him was in 2009 (I think) when he was going to show me a great Sushi place downtown Toronto. We had an amazing time. After that, there was no news from him.

Just last Friday, my phone rang; I looked at the number, which didn't look familiar. I picked up the phone and guess what? It was him! As soon as he said 'hello', I knew exactly who it was. He was so surprised. He thought I wouldn't recognize him.

We agreed to meet on Monday, and we did.

He told me what he went through for the last five years, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Hollywood cannot even produce such a movie. Man, he went through tough times that I had tears in my eyes while listening to him. He made my challenges look like a cake walk.

He is starting his life from scratch now, and he is positive about the whole process. He told me that what he went through the last five years made him very humble, and now he is appreciating every little thing he has in his life.

He also told me that when he was felt hopeless, the only thing that kept him alive was the Bible. The funny thing is that, people around him saw him reading the Bible and never approached him (I won't tell you where he was, but it was a very dangerous place). In a way, his Bible became his protection at so many levels.

I talk to him almost every day now, and I am so glad he called me that day. I am learning so much from him. He also made me appreciate and be thankful for the little I have.

Life is full of surprises. Once on the top, we think that it will last forever. It is just a season. Things can change quickly and drastically. Humility is a personal trait my friend learned the hard way, and I can totally relate. Also, when we're down, even though it is difficult to do, let's remember that it is also a season. Things can change quickly and drastically for the better.

Moral of the story? 
Do you want to learn about humility? Just think about me and I will give you a call

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Journey to a Two Week Rest

I know that you thought that I had given up on you. Be at peace. I am not going anywhere. I just wanted to take some time off. I must rectify. I was forced to take two weeks off.

You may be asking yourself the reason why I was forced to rest.

As far as I can remember, I have never been sick twice in less than three weeks. Ever. Until a few weeks ago. When it happened, it was a big red flag for me. I had to slow down.

As I was riding in my friend’s car, we were talking about how busy we are, and he just said: “Remember, we are not as young as we used to be. We have to slow down”. How true he was!

I remember years ago, back home, there were days when I would wake up at four O’clock in the morning to go to work at the radio station. Few hours later, I would ride on my bike to go to teach English from nine to one O’clock in the afternoon. By two thirty, I would be at the Basketball court until six O’clock. Then I would go back to the radio station. Those were my days.
I thought I could still do the same now. How wrong I was! That is why I got sick twice in less than three weeks. Something had to give.

I took time to rest and get better.  I even went to play Basketball last weekend after almost an entire year without playing. You can imagine how my body feels now. If I drop a key, I have to call for help to pick it up. I cannot move lol.

I believe I can still work long hours. However, I am learning to listen to my body a little bit more. Sometimes our body can send us some signals, even loud signals, asking for rest. I won’t say that I am glad I got sick; at least I have learned a lesson. I am going to rest when needed without feeling guilty about it, and when the opportunities come on my way, sometimes I will say no. My health depends on it.

This was just a shout out; I hope you did not give up on me as well

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman