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Monday, June 22, 2015

My Journey from a Trip

With a few friends, we just came from Montreal where we went to support a friend of ours celebrating his engagement. It was a great event, and of course the food was amazing. I thought I would never eat again lol

I needed the trip for many reasons one of which being rest. A change of environment is always good for me. There was a lot on my mind that I needed to "escape". What's happening in Burundi is not good at all.

While I was away, Paul, my business partner took care of a few things, including a three hour workshop. I missed that one.


I am starting to miss the NBA. What a treat these finals!! My friend Alix couldn't handle watching the end of Game 6. His love for Lebron James couldn't allow him to watch Cleveland's last game of the season. The Warriors were almost impossible to handle. What a great story! There were not supposed to be there, according to the "specialists".

Let's see. This is a short list of what was said:

  1. Their coach is just a rookie coach with no coaching experience
  2. No team can win it all just shooting threes
  3. They cannot win playing small
  4. Lebron is the best player in the world, he cannot loose
  5. None of the players has enough experience to win in the finals
The list went on and on

Maybe they didn't listen to the critics, they ended up winning it all

I do believe that Basketball is a school of life. How many times have we heard from people that we were the wrong ones for the job and ended up succeeding? It has happened to me a few times. How about you?

I think the key thing is about choosing who to listen to. That is my opinion.

Moral of the story? Do you want to listen to the right people? Just go to Montreal and you will eat a lot.

Always a Pleasure
The Journeyman.

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