Monday, October 29, 2012

My Journey with Bonnie

Last Friday, our friend Motivatorman came to visit us (special invitation from my wife). We had really good time (that of course included great food). As it was time for him to go home, I decided to walk him out to the Subway station. I didn't know how was the weather outside and I put on a light jacket. Result? I have been under the weather these last two days. My productivity has been close to nothing.

Even though I was not a hundred percent on Saturday, I went to do a 3 hour presentation about networking. The house was packed and we had people following us on video from Ottawa and Sudbury. It was great fun.

I can teach a thing or two about networking, but I have met people who are masters in the matter. One of them is my friend Bonnie Chan. She is a master networker (does this word exist, or I just made it up?)

I met Bonnie last year at a networking event (where else would you meet Bonnie?). Right away the connection was made. She knew me thanks to a mutual friend and she said that she had heard a lot of things about me. Right then she made me feel like a million bucks.

I met Bonnie again later on in December at an event that my friend Jim put together. We talked some more. I mentioned to her that I was looking for a place to move in, and she told me so much about where she lived that I was sold right on the spot. A few weeks later we were neighbours. She was among the very first people who met my wife when she came to Canada and they have been friends ever since.

Along the way, we decided to work on a project together, which was to start a coaching group in our area. I was going to be the facilitator and coach, and she would be the one putting the group together. She did that in a heart bit. She also took care of all the logistics. What a blast we had! When it came to put together my wife's surprise baby shower, Bonnie and Aaron her husband (who is now our accountant) took care of us by offering us the party room at their place.

If you are an entrepreneur here in Toronto and you have never heard of Bonnie, I can tell you that it is a matter of time. You will definitely meet her because she is everywhere.

Do you know what I have learned from Bonnie? How to make genuine connections with people. You meet Bonnie for the first time, you just feel it. She is a people person. No wonder she is succeeding in all her projects (and she has quite a number of them). Her new project is a networking bootcamp. You can check it out at

It is hard to succeed in life without the cooperation of other people. More importantly, it is key to have the right kind of people around us. I am so glad I met Bonnie.

If you have people who make you feel special when you are around them, cherish them. Make sure to let them know how special they are. Bonnie is special to so many, I just let her know how special she is to my family.

Moral of the story? Would you like to learn how to treat people right? Just contact Bonnie and you will move in our area.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman

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