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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Journey Back to Normal

Hello there

Do I have to remind you that I know that you missed me? I know you did. Your (very competent) representative, Jim, left me a voicemail in a broken French saying that he really missed my blog. I believed him.

The fact is that I was in bed with a nasty cold. It was really bad. Thank God it's back to normal.

However, even though I was under the weather, I managed to do a few things here and there. One of them was to go and see Diallo, a preacher from Calgary Alberta who was here in Toronto for a few days. I have heard of him, we are even connected on Facebook, but I had never seen him live. He is really something.

He was doing a leadership training, and I am glad I was in the audience. The first thing that impressed me the most about him was that, even though he had some notes, he did countless hours of training without reading any of them. He just spoke from his heart. He droped some good nuggets on us. It was really good stuff.

He told us a story that his grandmother told him long time ago when he was very young in his native country. I thought the story was both funny and instructive. The story went like this (and I am paraphrasing):

A young man was very poor, really poor, but he loved to pray. He had only one pair of cloths. It was a shirt and an underwear. Everyday he was praying to God asking Him to send new cloths. He couldn't afford to buy any. Many years passed and there was no sign of new cloths. He still had his old shirt and underwear.

Then, out of desperation, he decided to kill himself. God had been absent all these years, and there was no need of waiting any longer. He was going to die poor. He then took off his underwear and shirt, left his underwear on the ground, climbed a tree to hang himself with his shirt.

As he was about to hand himself, he looked down and what he saw was very surprising. A naked guy came running because he saw the underwear on the ground. He happily took it saying: "Thank you God. You finally heard my prayers. I have been praying for years asking for cloths because I was tired of being naked all the time. Now you just gave me this underwear. Thank you God!!"

Do you think that the guy hung himself? No way! He came down the tree to chase the guy who just took his underwear lol.

I will let you guess the moral of the story lol.

Always a pleasure

The Journeymnan.

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