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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Journey to Saint Joseph Street

I remember the first time I went back home after six years in Canada. It was quite something. It looked like the place had changed a lot. But it didn't. I changed. It was a strange feeling.

I had the same reaction last week when I went to 6 St Joseph street downtown Toronto. For over six months I have been to this place literally every Sunday. And every Sunday, it is the same quiet and clean place where everything is where it should be. I noticed though a number of inspirational quotes everywhere in the room.

What a surprise when I went there during the week! It was like I had never been there before. You know me well now. The best way to catch my attention is to give me free food lol. They sure did. This place is unbelievable.

Now you are asking yourselves: what the heck is he talking about? That is a good question.

I am speaking about 6 Saint Joseph House where Goal Achievers meetings are held. When I joined the group, they were meeting at this place, and I did not ask any question about it, I just knew that it was our place of meeting. When Paul and I took over Goal Achievers Canada, I thought maybe I should try to learn more about this place. I thought, why not pay them a visit? So I did.

Oh boy. The place was packed. There were activities going on everywhere. The lovely Darlene offered a tour of the place while explaining to me what they do. By the way, every Tuesday and Wednesday they offer free lunch (for this only reason you should check them out).

6 St. Joseph is a community that supports people who are taking a step up from livelihood challenges, while connecting them to a “home” and a community of people ready to help others. Many of its activities have the potential to serve as a model for outreach programs at other neighbourhood centres.

Located in downtown Toronto near Yonge & Wellesley St., 6 St Joseph House is a creative resource centre where everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has an opportunity to contribute their talents, feel a sense of belonging, and receive support from one another.

It is a place where positive life-change is a realizable goal, and where people of all backgrounds pitch in to lead the programs & activities. From the beginning, their goal has been to invite people from diverse backgrounds to work together and support those taking positive steps out of addiction, social isolation, panhandling, and homelessness.

Of all the things that they told me they did, do you know what part got my greatest attention? Well, it was the part where they told me that the centre functioned mainly because of people's donations. There is a such a positive and embracing energy you feel when there that it makes you want to be part of what's happening. I paid them a visit the next day, and David explained to me in details what they do. Guess what? They have other locations in the city as well.

Here is my shout out to you (yes you my beloved blog readers). I know you want to make a difference; I know some of you are even looking for a purpose in life. Why not starting by giving your time or even your money to a place that is worth it? 6 St. Joseph Street is the real deal. Check them out at

Moral of the story? Do you want to make a difference in your community? Just visit 6 St. Joseph Street and you will get free food (only if you get there before me lol)

Always a pleasure.

The Journeyman

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